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Manufacturing steel parts and constructions is multifaceted work. No two constructions or installations are the same. Reesink Production is the go-to manufacturer for both single and serial production. As far as the procedure is concerned, there are several possibilities:

  • Production of steel parts on the basis of drawings supplied by the customer.
  • Production of steel parts from rough sketch to detailed design, completely executed by Reesink Production.
  • Delivery of semi-finished products directly to the customer's production line, including conservation.
  • Production of completely assembled end products and machines under our customer's label.


Tank construction

Specialist in the production of steel tanks for the agricultural and transport sectors, including as a supplier to OEM companies.

Chassis construction

Specialist in manufacturing complete undercarriages, frames and construction of various products, including manure and silage transport. 

Robotic welding

Reesink Production has two welding robots for efficiently welding both small and large series. 

Production of steel components

Reesink Production supplies a wide range of steel components, including, among others:  

  • Parts for agricultural machine manufacturers (OEM)
  • Soil drill components for seismological surveying
  • Steel parts for industrial mixing plants
  • Manufacturing steel components for complete sand and gravel extraction installations
  • Steel parts for the building industry for balconies, galleries, flooring systems
  • Steel moulds for the concrete industry

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Because Reesink Production has its own paint shop, we can deliver fully sprayed products to your production line. Other options are galvanising, hot-dip galvanising, and powder coating.

NEN-EN 1090

Reesink Production is NEN-EN 1090 certified for the production of components for load-bearing steel constructions.

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