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25th anniversary of Ronnie Bod

21 Oct 2021

Ronnie Bod's 25th anniversary with Reesink Production was celebrated on Thursday 21 October. This was done in the company of colleagues and family.

In 1994, Ronnie started at Reesink Production as a welder via a temporary employment agency. Two years later, he continued his career in permanent employment. At the time, Ronnie still had doubts about whether he would become a truck driver, but in the end he made the choice to continue as a welder. After 25 years in service, this certainly wasn't the wrong choice!

Over the years, Ronnie has developed into a very experienced welder. He is described as a positive, proactive professional. In addition, he has a good understanding of the business and gets on well with people. The past one and a half years Ronnie is taking over the leadership of the welding department of the new building from Rob Abbing. Within Reesink Production there is every confidence that this will come good.

Reesink Production thanks Ronnie for his commitment and positive contribution in the past 25 years and hopes to work together for many years to come!

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