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About us

A single point of contact for all your questions on Mechanical Engineering, Construction and Engineering. We are Reesink Production B.V. in Hengelo (Gld.) and execute the development and production of your idea or concept. Our aim is to have semi-finished products delivered straight to your production line, or complete end products delivered directly to your customers. This is how we enable you to stay focused on your core business!

As of 4 August 2017, the Staja subsidiaries were taken over by Royal Reesink, 40 years after their founding. As of 3 April 2018, the company continues under the name Reesink Production B.V.

With approximately 100 employees, Reesink Production B.V. focuses on the production of high-quality steel components, assembled semi-finished products and completely assembled machines for European OEM manufacturers.

Please make an appointment free of obligation via +31(0)88-1342900 or email